ANDREW OPILA is an editor, photographer & videographer.  In addition, he guides active travel vacations for Backroads.  With a B.A. in Broadcasting & Entrepreneurial Leadership from Gonzaga University, he is most at home telling stories in hard to reach, foreign places.  It's safe to say he is comfortable with the uncomfortable. Using video to tell authentic, visually compelling stories is still his bread & butter, but his love of photography is quickly becoming another tool he uses to capture the story for the folks back home.

He has filmed all over the world and enjoys each step in the digital storytelling process from the conception of an idea, to the polished delivery of a work of art.  Good storytelling is about capturing the authentic human experience and packaging it in a way listeners can see & understand.  Andrew does what he does because it's it's his way of sharing his time, treasures & talent in an effort to leave this world, and the people in it, better than he found it.  

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